The fantastic TriX Flicker Scooter – in New Zealand since 2012!


Thousands of children right through to adults are racing around on these throughout the U.K. Europe and the USA and we have them here for you in New Zealand.
Once you get on one, you just won’t want to get off!

Choose your style of easy drive transfer motion.

  • The TriX Triker is a ‘free-motion’ drifting flicker scooter; just shift your weight from side to side to gain forward momentum. Kids pick it up in about 2 minutes.
    Featuring larger wheels than skateboards and regular scooters so the chances of your child face planting the concrete are greatly reduced!
  • The VTriker Elite is also a ‘free-motion’ scooter but you move your legs in a scissor motion to gain forward momentum or follow foot after foot in a skating/skiing motion. The Vtriker is the closest thing to skiing on wheels and it’s an excellent thigh work out machine too. Get an excellent low impact inner thigh work out and have fun doing it!
  • Whichever model you choose, you needn’t put a foot on the pavement and the TriX Flicker can generate speeds of up to 25kph on flat smooth surfaces.

Three wheel stability means that they’re easy to balance and gain confidence on and they have hand operated brakes for added safety.


TriX Commercial NZ